Strange Attractor

An unscripted conversation between two science lovers over wine and peas

About the Show

What is Strange Attractor?

An unscripted conversation between Johnny Noble and Lucy Butcher about sciencey stuff over a wine/s/s/s.

At least one of us stumbles home having learned something new and interesting. After listening to this podcast, we hope you stumble off with something new too.

What is your end-game?

We love science. Reading about it. Talking about it. Rolling around in it until we smell like it.

We tend to get a bit excitable when we chat, because science is damn interesting and important. We think it’s even more interesting and important than the usual headline news, like sports drug scandals or reality TV cooking competitions.

If we can spread even a tiny bit of our enthusiasm and perhaps a little understanding of complex concepts to one other human, that would make us really happy. Seriously.

Do you have any qualifications relevant to science broadcasting?

Here is a photo of Lucy “learning about energy and motion” in Year 11 pre-physics (picture courtesy Lithgow Mercury newspaper, 1993). Lucy learning about energy and motion in year 11 pre-physics

In 1990, Johnny took part in his school's Technology Day and "participated in the solving of problems". Here's proof.Johnny's certificate from school

Click the images for larger versions if you'd like to print and frame your own copies.

Do you have an ass-covering disclaimer?

Listening to this podcast does not replace going to school or university, or reading books or peer-reviewed journals.

We endeavour to fact check as much as possible. However, please just pretend we’re your friends, it’s late at night, we’re potentially a little tipsy, and we’re having a nice chat.

Check out the show notes for cool links and corrections if we stuffed up.

Are there any swears?


Where do you get your inspiration?

Mostly from Naked Wines, who deliver a case of delicious liquids to us on a regular basis. But we couldn't do it without wasabi peas from the Asian food section of the supermarket.